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An Internationally Established Group

Headquartered in Switzerland since 1965, SIH Group is a privately owned group of companies active in the packaging production machinery. Aisa, Aisapack and Cotuplas are the core members of the group. The root tradition of quality and excellence has strongly influenced the products and services offered by these companies.

Employing about 250 individuals globally, the group’s wealth of capabilities covers a multiplicity of occupations: from the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, computer science, automation, materials, research & development, standards, sales, marketing, production, logistics, to finance and services.

With several facilities around the globe, we are able to ensure reachability of our customers, spread over more than 80 countries, quickly and reliably.

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Synergetic Businesses

SIH Group is a family of synergetic companies that create value for customers by engaging innovative technology across business boundaries and delivering unique solutions for a wide range of industry concerns.

As the packaging production market is constantly changing, our customers’ needs are modified accordingly. The synergy of our companies allows us to cover the various aspects of the packaging supply chain and, thus, to consistently be able to take advantage of global trends to meet our customers’ expectations. Our strength lies in our synergy.


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